Seeds of Hope coffee is not currently available in the USA
Seeds of Hope Coffee
Seeds of Hope Coffee

Each time to sip on a cup of Seeds of Hope Coffee™ you are helping to create employment,
improve educational facilities, foster markets and economics and increase the standards of living for these children.

The Seeds of Hope Children's Ministry™ projects facilitate the gradual accomplishment of this vision.

Buseko Childrens Home Buseko Childrens Home

Is for HIV/AIDS infected or affected children. All the children are very ill when first admitted but this changes in a short while as they receive nutrition, love and care...

Grace Academy Grace Academy

Is a Boarding School for orphaned children. Grace Academy will break the cycle of poverty by providing children with a high level of education and a mentoring program.

Precious Gems Childrens Home Precious Gems Childrens Home

Cares for children who are considered a burden, abandoned, ostracized and without help because of their HIV+ disease. Children receive love, medical care, education and hope.

Justina Childrens Home Justina Childrens Home

Provides a loving home to orphaned and abandoned children in Myanmar, which is a country devastated by poverty and an oppressive military regime.

Grace 2 Grace Grace 2 Grace

Is a school in Ndola, Zambia that uses a multi-function church facility to educate 190 students who do not have any hope to escape severe poverty.