Seeds of Hope coffee is not currently available in the USA
Seeds of Hope Coffee
the motivation - answering the why

Seeds of Hope Coffee is an initiative of Seeds of Hope Children's Ministry, which has been caring for orphaned children affected by HIV/AIDS since 1995. Our largest effort is located in Zambia / Sub-Saharan Africa. We provide food, medical care and education for the most needy.

the vision - focused on stewardship

Our primary vision for Seeds of Hope Coffee is to provide absolutely great coffee. This will allow us to develop a market and a loyal following of purchasers, eventually enabling the growth and production coffee beans to happen in the actual farm land of Seeds of Hope in Zambia.

Seeds of Hope Coffee
more than a cup of coffee
fast facts
  • 100% of all proceeds are directly used to improve the living conditions of Zambian orphan children affected by HIV/AIDS
  • Funds work to create employment, improve educational facilities, foster markets and economies, and increase the standard of living